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Mushroom prices in Romania in May

UMDIS Mushroom Agency made a price monitoring of mushrooms in Romania. Romania is the country where culture of mushroom consumption is pretty developed – however it is usually about forest mushrooms....

€3,700,000.00 Contract. Agro-Projects Starts to Build a Mushroom Facility in Ontario

Agro-Projects stems from their recognized prowess in industrial mushroom cultivation facility design. Todd Shapiro, CEO and Director of Red Light Holland, expressed confidence in this partnership, highlighting Agro-Projects' expertise and the potential it holds for achieving mass production goals....

Mushroom prices in Poland in May

UMDIS monitored prices on mushrooms in one of Polish supermarkets. Poland is the largest button mushrooms producer in Europe....

Mushroom prices in Ireland in May

UMDIS Agency grower during consulting in Ireland - looked at mushroom prices in this country....

Video how supplements for mushrooms are produced – at SUPERCHAMP

Today, SuperChamp, Dutch producer of supplements, operates from a state-of-the-art, fully automated production facility, ensuring a seamless process from receiving goods to packaging. The facility adheres to the highest standards of hygiene, safety, and traceability, with ISO 22000 certification since 2014....

Mushroom prices in Bulgaria in May

UMDIS Mushroom Agency was in the store in Bulgaria during the courses we organised there in the middle of May. ...

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Filling Machine Basic by Mush Comb is your way to start automatically fill your rooms

The labour cost becomes more expensive everywhere. People year after year just do not want to do hard manual job – i.e. filling the growing rooms. As your farm is small – you may feel difficulties in having people to fill the rooms.

18-21 of June Basic Online Course on Mushroom Growing

4 Evenings 2 hours every evening (1.5 hours of theory and 30 minutes to answer your questions) With the best trainer

Mushroom prices in Austria in May

UMDIS Agency monitored prices at Spar supermarket in Austria in May 2024. Austria is one of those countries that takes care of its farmers - that's why the price of imported and Austrian mushrooms is very different.

My student is drawing incubation and spawn growth stage graphic. UMDIS growing course in Bulgaria

- What is he doing? - I ask, looking on the photo. - I make them writing at every course. It is the third time. Now my student is drawing incubation and spawn growth stage graphic with me, - tells UMDIS`s grower and consultant Iurie Boiciuc during the growing course in Bulgaria.
Edward Lewandowsky

Edward Lewandowsky published his book about pleurotus growing (in Spanish)

Edward Lewandowsky, the grower at one of the largest mushroom farms in Spain, has been working in the cultivated mushroom sector for more than 20 years, sharing his experience. This book is intended for growers, cultivation specialists and all lovers of the world of cultivated mushrooms.

Webinar on 29th of May – How to choose and use NETS

On Wednesday, May 29th, UMDIS Mushroom Agency invites one of the very famous Dutch growers, Jeroen Van Lier, to talk about nets for mushroom farms and compost yards. Nets are a very important part of a farm and compost yard's functioning. Not every grower knows how to choose a net and to use it – actually, this is a more complicated process than it appears.

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Iurie Boiciuc

Iurie has 20 years of experience in mushroom growing



Three reasons why entrepreneurs want to grow oyster mushrooms

Why do you want to grow oyster mushrooms? There are a few common motives why entrepreneurs most often think about growing oyster mushrooms. In this article, I will look at these reasons and give recommendations on how to proceed.

Mushroom sector in Pakistan

Mushrooms are not a very famous food in Pakistan. But population growth and the penetration of international cuisine make mushrooms a product worth considering. Our friend from Pakistan Irfan Hameed told us what the mushroom industry in Pakistan looks like now.

We spent a day at Agro-Projects` production site – and that is what we found out

- Will Szymon from the production department come? – asks Daniel Dajewski, CEO of Agro-Projects Group, while we sit in the conference room all together. UMDIS Mushroom Agency has come to visit the company, which is now one of the largest suppliers of turnkey projects for mushroom farms and compost yards worldwide – Agro-Projects.

59 photos from Chinese Mushroom Days by SuperChamp, mushroom supplements

SuperChamp has a large profile of supplements for mushrooms to have better yield, whiter, stronger mushrooms. Ask Rowi about by mail and phone +31 646 747 780

For browns it should be CNC compost, – Ema Champignon, German mushroom farm

Ema Champignon Giebels GmbH & Co is the mushroom farm in Germany, doing just brown champignon mushrooms and filling 5 rooms each week. It is situated not far from the Dutch border. The farm belongs to RPZ Rheinische Pilz-Zentrale GmbH – large German family owned comany, suppling mushrooms worldwide. Ema employs 40 people and has a Dutch grower Wim Janssen who showed UMDIS around the farm. We visited this farm in November 2023.

Visit Dutch Mushroom Projects at a new address

From Monday May 6 onwards our new address is Groethofstraat 24, 5916 PB in Venlo. Our phone number remains the same. We look forward seeying you in Venlo!

Incorporating Mushrooms into Pre-cooked Sectors: A Review

For the mushroom industry, the Food and Drink Expo – such as the one held from 29th April to 1st May 2024 in Birmingham, United Kingdom – represents an opportunity to engage with a multitude of producers offering ready-made and pre-cooked products, as well as fresh mixtures, to gain insights into their perspectives on mushrooms. Additionally, it serves as a platform to observe the latest food trends and developments.

Pieter J.C. Vedder passes away at the age of 95

Death of the renowned trainer and scientist in the field of commercial mushroom cultivationwas announced by Marietta Van den Munkhof-Vedder, wife of Pieter J.C. Vedder. TThe UMDIS team expresses its condolences to Marietta Van den Munkhof-Vedder, Pieter J.C. Vedder's family and friends. We were very pleased to work with Pieter J.C. Vedder while working on the Russian translation of the book “Modern Mushroom Growing 2020. Harvesting” by Pieter J.C. Vedder and Marietta Van den Munkhof-Vedder. You can download this book here:

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