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Video of AMGA – Future of Casing Report Symposium, 2024

The AMGA Future of Casing Symposium was held prior to the ISMS Congress and NAMC Conference in Nevada, Las Vegas, 25 February 2024. The symposium presented the findings of the 'Future of Casing - Review of Casing Materials and Availability...

Video tour to the Baltic Champ mushroom farm and compost yard

Baltic Champ is the largest mushroom farm in the Baltic countries. To be precise - 4 mushroom farms. In total, these 4 mushroom farms have 35,000. m2 of own mushroom cultivation area. Baltic Champignons employs 550 people....

Mushrooms, ditch and fence – at Agraria

Come to our exhibition – but we will not let you in. Find us!  Reach us! Agraria - agricultural exhibition - is going now: 18-21st of April near Cluj-Napoca in Romania. That is a large event – 30 000 people visit...

Results of the European Mushroom Campaign: The Hidden Gem

GEPC Promo is sharing information that from November 2022 to December 2023, substrate producers from Poland collectively donated 333,000 Euro. at campaign goals....

Hopper and shelves in good condition for sale

The farm is selling equipment as it is closed. The equipment is in very good condition....

How mushroom business in China grows 2022-2024. Qihe Biotech prepared a report for UMDIS readers

On the eve of International Mushroom Days in China on April 20-25, the UMDIS agency is publishing an article about the Chinese market by one of our partners. UMDIS Mushroom Agency asked Qihe Biotech – the large Chineese substrate supplier –...

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Why American mushroom producers want to renovate and build the farms with Dutch Mushroom Projects?

UMDIS Mushroom Agency during North American Mushroom Conference 2024 asked Ron Hegger from DMP – Why American mushroom farmers choose DMP so often when they need shelving, air handling units, computers, new farm building, as well as compost tunnels? And that is what we got to know.

Mushroom business in US: wooden/ aluminium shelves, Phase 2/3, prices, tendencies

For already 4-5 years in US mushroom farms do not really build rooms on wooden racks. As soon as they invest - they usually build facilities with aluminium shelving. Yes probably with wooden platforms - but metal shelving.

For all WORKAHOLICS in mushrooms – Savath Oun from Highline writes about Work-life harmony in the mushroom industry

In the fast-paced and demanding world of the mushrooms industry, finding equilibrium between professional responsibilities and personal life is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. Balancing the demands of work with family commitments and personal growth endeavours is essential for maintaining overall well-being and maximizing productivity. Here are some effective strategies to manage work-life balance effectively in the mushrooms industry, while also nurturing personal growth and fostering strong family connections:

Course with Iurie Boiciuc Bulgaria. May 15-18.

The topic of the course is "Growing mushrooms in summer time". May 15-18. The languages of the course are Russian and Bulgarian.

Take a 3-day Course “Button Mushroom Growing” – on the farm in Poland

What I get if go to button mushrooms growing courses by UMDIS? ✅I will understand how functions effective mushroom farm of middle size ✅I will start harvest more white and dense mushrooms – better quality ✅I will learn to get more kg per m2 due to improving growing technology and harvesting

3 types of Mush Comb headfilling machines. How to choose?

One of the key products of Mush Comb – which works on dozens of mushroom farms worldwide – is the head filling machine. As lots of clients approach Mush Comb after seeing “that strong blue head filling machine of my neighbour” – many of them are not aware of the whole range of head filling machines the company offers. And actually, there are five of them.

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Iurie Boiciuc

Iurie has 20 years of experience in mushroom growing



Interview and lots of photos from American mushroom farm Basciani

Basciani Foods is American mushroom farm company in Avondale, Pennsylvania. The first farm of Basciani was built in 1925. Now the company is lead by the third and fourth generation of the Basciani Family – Michael Basciani is CEO, and in total 16 family members are active in the company.

4AG Robotics claim to have production-ready harvesting robot

"Now that there's robots operating on farms, I believe we are less than a decade away from there being more robots than humans picking mushrooms in North America, Europe, and Australia." - said Sean O'Connor. "Nothing separates company from scaling the business"

Newest work on the control of Phorid flies (Megaselia halterata) shows significantly better control with nematodes from e-nema GmbH 

Phorid larvae are a dangerous pest in phase III mushroom cultivation, and they are hard to control. No management can lead to a total loss of the 3rd flush. In addition, quality losses, distressed pickers, and fed-up neighboring communities are causing extra work you like to avoid. The flies get drifted into the houses of neighbors and like to accumulate under ceilings in e.g. warm bathrooms. Not a real pleasure when lying in the bathtub.  

5 facts about American mushroom business by David Iaconi, Mushroom Supply and Services

As you are a mushroom producer from US, Canada, Mexico or South America - you probably already buy equipment, casing, nets, supplements and other products from Mushroom Supply and Services company - which works in US in Kennett Square for already more than 30 years. The owner is David Iaconi - a man who knows nearly everything about mushroom growing in US. And brings European technology to America.

CNC bought Veme and Verbruggen. Highly important for exotic mushroom producers

In short - if you produce any kind of exotic mushrooms in Europe, America, Middle Asia or any other part of the world on bought substrate - this company taking over can influence you a lot. As by John Verbruggen and Marco Mezenberg in Netherlands - and by CNC Exotic Mushrooms as well in Netherlands for years were produced very good substrate for exotic mushrooms for sale. As now they join their affords and wnat to grow the business - you will have opportunity to buy substrate for exotic mushrooms from them - as they will enlarge the production and make the very qualitative substrate together. (for this ask Joost Heesen, salesmanager exotics in CNC,, +31 (0) 485 49 45 00).

20 000 m2 is Christiaens production facility. See it

You know about Christiaens a lot. In this video Roland tells things which you did not expect - for example how many people they employ, in which industries Christiaens is active besides of mushrooms, in which countires they have clients...

South African Mushroom Conference in February. MushComb visited it and shares the review

On February 6th, 2024, Mush Comb was thrilled to participate in the 2024 South African Mushroom Farmers' Conference in Johannesburg. This marked a significant event for us, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange in mushroom farming.

About North American Mushroom Conference, ISMS and mushroom business in US. Everything in one publication

26th North American Mushroom Conference and the 20th Congress International Society for Mushroom Science took place on 26-29th of February in JW Marriott hotel in Las Vegas, USA. Two events in one gathered more than 500 participants. In 2024 - American mushroom market is growing. It feels good after banning of canned import of mushrooms from Europe (however some producers start complaining on Canadian mushrooms import).

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