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What is it like to work directly with restaurants? The farm tells


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Recently, the Polish farm Trzebieszów, dealing with the cultivation of oyster mushrooms, announced the start of direct deliveries of mushrooms to various local eateries located in the area, among others: “Jabłko Baked” in Grojec, MIÓD MALINA CATERING SP.Z O.O. in Łuków. UMDIS agency decided to talk to the owners about how to work with local restaurants. We talked with Ela Szmulik.- We have been doing this for several months, we came up with the idea during the “summer crisis” in our industry for some time, we have already served local grocery stores, and both parties were satisfied with, so we decided to try the catering industry as well. Restaurants in Poland have recently expanded their menu with vegetarian dishes. And this type of mushroom – oyster mushroom – very well replaces meat. In addition, local business is supported in this way, because these restaurants are close to us, we can offer very attractive prices without intermediaries. We will sell the goods and the owners of the restaurants will buy them at a great price, says Ela.

UMDIS asked how orders are created.

– Usually, the manager of the restaurant calls and asks for certain quantities of mushrooms, we make an appointment for specific days, the quantity varies, most often the owners collect the mushrooms directly from the cold store on our farm, but we also used to send the goods by courier. This is possible with proper protection of the goods.


We asked how things are going with reviews from restaurants about the quality of the mushrooms. After all, when you’re working not through a wholesaler, feedback can be more valuable.

– Yes, of course, direct information from the customer is a very valuable tip for us. So far, none of the buyers has made a return (mushrooms are goods that we always deliver fresh). In general, local entrepreneurs from the restaurant industry are satisfied with our goods. Restaurants and catering increasingly began to offer items containing mushrooms in their menus.

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