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Why do I have nematodes? 10 reasons from consultant Iurie Boiciuc


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During consultations, the technologist of the UMDIS Agency, Iurie Boiciuc, often observes the problem when harmful nematodes spread on the farm. They prevent the farm from getting a good harvest – at the same time, farm management often does not understand what mistakes they make, thereby exacerbating the situation.Iurie Boiciuc wrote a life-saving synopsis to help those farms that are struggling with nematodes.

Nematodes are found in water, in soil, on decaying plant remainders. They can get into the room with compost (when pasteurization is poor, old straw or last straw were used, or if earth got into the compost). The second option – nematodes could come from poor-quality water, the third – from the casing soil.

In fact, there are always nematodes in peat – the main thing is not to create conditions for their development.


  1. Do not add too much water to the compost so that the straw does not rot.
  2. Avoid overheating of the compost.
  3. Follow the layer when compost and casing touch each other (especially in summer). It is important that there is a good hook of the spawn, and that water does not accumulate.
  4. Avoid anaerobic zones in the compost or casing.
  5. Do not use chemical products that burn the cacking.
  6. Water in such a way as not to spoil the peat structure by watering.
  7. After harvesting, do not leave dead mushrooms or roots.
  8. During the finishing of the flash, do not rake the shelf with your hand, as mycelium decomposes in these places and nematodes appear.
  9. Monitor the level of peat (a layer above 7 cm, as well as hollows give the risk of anaerobic zones).
  10. Create a lumpy peat structure.

Of the chemical products that will help, this is Aktofit and Fitoverm.

Aktofit can be purchased at the UMDIS store https://shop.umdis.org/shop/aktofyt-0-2-4-8-l/

Do you want to get advice on growing mushrooms or come to Iurie Boiciuc’s courses?

+380935690941 WhatsApp for appointment.Do you want to get advice on growing mushrooms or come to Iurie Boiciuc’s courses?

+380935690941 WhatsApp for appointment.

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