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We spent a day at Agro-Projects` production site – and that is what we found out


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– Will Szymon Domagała from the production department come? – asks Daniel Dajewski, CEO of Agro-Projects Group, while we sit in the conference room all together. UMDIS Mushroom Agency has come to visit the company, which is now one of the largest suppliers of turnkey projects for button mushroom farms, oyster and exotic mushroom projects, as well as compost yards worldwide – Agro-Projects.

– When I arrived, I asked him to calculate and tell me how many projects for the mushroom business you have done in the last few years, – I respond.

– So, he will come in the evening, – smiles Daniel. – It should be near 100; he will have a lot of work to count.

Agro-Projects is a Polish group of companies that produce a full range of equipment for the mushroom industry on its own production site. The Group is situated in three buildings – two production halls are located in Pianowo, Western Poland, as well as an administrative office in Grudziądz, Northern Poland. Partner of Agro-Projects Group is a company Magik (CEO – Piotr Domagała) with up to 26 years of experience in industrial ventilation and cooling systems.

– We engineer the projects of the farms and compost yards. We build them turnkey. Within the group, we have our own refrigeration, climate control, irrigation, and machinery services. Agro-Projects equips mushroom farms with all our equipment – starting from shelving, head fillers, picking lorries, doors, ventilation, cooling, and refrigeration, – explains Daniel Dajewski.

The production department right now – when UMDIS visits Agro-Projects – is very busy with five main orders.

– See, here is a head-filling machine, hopper, and cassette for a Polish client. In this hall, our employees make shelving for the mushroom farm, and in this building – ventilation systems for the compost yards. These picking lorries are being prepared for departure to the USA, while those gates are going to Asia, – Szymon Domagała shows us around.

When Agro-Projects say they work on 5 continents – you cannot imagine how it really is. However, while you spend a day with Daniel Dajewski and Andrzej Bielicz from Agro-Projects – you hear how they constantly receive calls from their clients in the US, Canada, Poland, France, India, Kazakhstan, Romania, Hungary, and Australia – talking about equipment, ongoing projects, and advice.

– Clients think it is convenient to work with us – as we are flexible and thinking out of the box, designing a new facility or optimising existing infrastructure. We customise our machines, equipment, and projects in accordance with their needs, – tells Andrzej Bielicz, Sales Director.

Just in Agro-Projects, more than 100 people work – in the whole group much more. They speak different languages and have been in the mushroom industry for a long time – so clients receive lots of help and support from Agro-Projects’s team on all project stages.

– We help customers long after we finish building for them, – tells Andrzej.

And at this moment – as an approval of his words – he receives a call from a mushroom farm – client from Central Europe. As they are having some questions in the growing technology – on staff Agro` grower right now is helping to overcome them.

What are your plans for the next months? – we ask Agro-Projects.

– Generally, we are working on engineering picking solutions which increase the speed of picking and allow efficient picking with two hands, – tells Daniel Dajewski, CEO of Agro-Projects Group. – Right now, we are also building three phase 3 compost yards and have number of mushroom farms under construction. Moreover, we put our focus on oyster and exotic mushroom farms because demand for such mushrooms is growing, and we can share our expertise in those projects as well.

Did you know?

In Western Poland, a new mushroom farm with 12 growing rooms will soon start operating – completely built and equipped by Agro-Projects. From summer, you can contact Agro-Projects to come and see all equipment there in action. Each growing room has 563m2 of growing area – 4 racks with 6 shelves.

For contact:

Andzej Bielicz, Agro-Projects,

+48 697 450 111,

For contact:

Andzej Bielicz, Agro-Projects,

+48 697 450 111,

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