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Take a 3-day Course “Button Mushroom Growing” – on the farm in Poland


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UMDIS Mushroom Agency invites you to take part in course “Button mushroom growing. Level up”

WHEN? end of May 2024. Registration is open.

The 3-day mushroom cultivation course will cover all main stages of  mushroom production process – from loading rooms to harvesting button mushrooms. Also aspects of required equipment for mushroom cultivation and practical information on composting.

WHERE? Poland.

Poland is European leader in mushroom production!
UMDIS agency makes courses specifically for mushroom producers who want to learn from that experience!

Don’t let your colleagues get ahead of you and know more!

The courses are tailored for middle-sized and large mushroom farm owners, managers and growers who grow mushrooms for many years – but are sure that they want to be ahead and always find a way to improve their production! As well the course is for those who want to increase the yield and quality of their mushrooms.

Theoretical part will be connected with practice every 3 days in growing rooms!

Course trainer:


  • consults in tens of countries, among them 18 farms in Spain, farms in Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Israel, Kasachstan, Ireland
  • 20 years experience in growing
  • consults on your farm and online
  • experience in working with 250 employees of mushroom farm
  • helps to recieve more white, more dense mushrooms – larger quality, better generations and much easy picking.

What I get if go to button mushrooms growing courses by UMDIS?

✅I will understand how works effective mushroom farm of middle size

✅I will start harvest more white and dense mushrooms – better quality

✅I will learn to get more kg per m2 due to improving growing technology and harvesting

Mushroom growing courses last 3 days.


  1. Mushroom production equipment
    Principles of ensuring the climate of mushroom production. Diagram of climate control systems.
    Cooling options for mushroom growing rooms
    Humidification systems
    2. Phase 2 Compost Incubation
    Preparing the growing room and loading compost
    Climatic parameters of incubation
    Spawn growth control
    Ruffling of compost
    Control of compost parameters during incubation
    3. Casing soil
    Assessment of casing soil quality, casing soil structure
    Applying casing
    Adding cacking. Compost and industrial caking
    Watering. Watering system
    Control of spawn growth into casing soil
    Climatic parameters before the start of the 1st flash
    4. Pinning and flashes
    Recovery phase (stop phase)
    “Shock”, pinning
    Climatic parameters during flashes
    Watering during frashes
    Mushroom picking. Picking organization and selective picking
    Disease control during flashes
    5. Diseases and pests of mushroom production
    Review of diseases specific to mushroom production
    Pests of mushroom production
    Spread of infections and pests
    Schemes for controlling diseases and pests in mushroom production
    6. Mushroom picking
    Planning and organization
    Correct motivation for the picking leaders, pickers
    Selective picking
    The secrets of harvesting – how hundreds of farms lose their kilos.

The cost of participation at courses depends on the language, group size, and dates. Write to us for more precise guidance.

The cost of the courses includes: theoretical and practical classes, a package of handouts, tea and coffee.

!The cost of the courses does not include accommodation – but we will suggest a hotel nearby (around 40 euros per night) and help organize lunches. We recommend booking your flight in advance – it will be cheaper.

To sign up for courses or find out more, let us know so you can reserve your place. +48577253132, +380935690941 Inna Ustylovska, UMDIS.

Ask questions by +48577253132 (phone, WhatsApp) Inna Ustylovska, UMDIS.

That is how UMDIS` event go 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

Want to see the courses from previous group? And the farm👇👇

Lots of video reviews👍👍👍🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

Ask questions by +48577253132 (phone, WhatsApp) Inna Ustylovska, UMDIS.

The Course is supported by

Christiaens Group

Global leader in providing innovative solutions for mushroom farms and composting yards. They work on all continents.
Christiaens makes:
– design and construction of mushroom farms, compost yards
– climate systems, machines
– shelving and lorries
– modern harvesting systems: tilting shelves, robots, drawer systems
– … customised solutions.


Experts in the technologically advanced design of facilities for the industrial cultivation of mushrooms. The company helps new clients to design and build their mushroom farms and compost yards from scratch, and for clients already in the industry Agro-Projects offers many effective and modern technological solutions

GrowTime Engineering

GrowTime specializes in manufacturing durable & efficient picking lorries/trolleys for mushroom farms. Electric as well as hydraulic which, thanks to their solutions and high quality, increase the efficiency of harvesting and the profitability of mushroom farms. GrowTime also offers aluminum shelving, lighting, growing nets, scales, knives and other

Mushroom growing and harvesting courses

from UMDIS Agency
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