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Pieter J.C. Vedder passes away at the age of 95


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Death of the renowned trainer and scientist in the field of commercial mushroom cultivationwas announced by Marietta Van den Munkhof-Vedder, wife of Pieter J.C. Vedder.

The UMDIS team expresses its condolences to Marietta Van den Munkhof-Vedder, Pieter J.C. Vedder’s family and friends. We were very pleased to work with Pieter J.C. Vedder while working on the Russian translation of the book “Modern Mushroom Growing 2020. Harvesting” by Pieter J.C. Vedder and Marietta Van den Munkhof-Vedder. You can download this book here:

Official Obituary of Pieter J.C. Vedder

Pieter J.C. Vedder SCIENTIFIC PIONEER in Commercial Mushroom Cultivation and Education passed away on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at his home.

Pieter was born on April 29, 1929, in Duiven, the Netherlands during the Great Depression, the youngest son of three. He was baptized the same day in the Catholic St. Andreas Church of Groessen. There he was also a member of the Church choir, from his youth on.

The war years left a deep impression on Pieter’s entire life. Being evacuated and finding the house half bombed when they returned home, as well as the glass greenhouses in shards. Pieter’s Dad grew peaches, plums, grapes, and tomatoes under glass.

Pieter played the accordion for the recording of a spoken letter to his two brothers who were deployed in Indonesia during the national revolution.

Training partially interrupted for his military service, from 4 October 1950 to 1 February 1952. Graduated in 1957 with his university education in Wageningen, for horticulture and horticultural engineering, with excellent grades. Pieter also had a degree in teaching.

In 1957 he became assistant A of the Research Station for Mushroom Cultivation

In 1961 he published his first publication Modern Mushroom Growing; 5 more editions followed.

In 1962 he became an instructor and head of the Education Department and was involved in the establishment of the Center for Mushroom Cultivation Education.

Permanent appointment from 1 January 1966 as principal and teacher of the Centre for Mushroom Cultivation Education in Horst, Limburg until August 1983

Pieter’s Dad died on April 21, 1967, so he knew that his youngest became principal!

By 1978, his book had been translated into 5 languages and was called a unique achievement by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Directorate of Agricultural Education. Total of 9 languages now and has been called the MUSHROOM BIBLE.

Pieter was very active as a Committee Member for Youth Affairs, in the municipality of Horst.

Also, as Chairman of Youth and Nature

Member of the Board of Housing and Management, Venray–Horst region

Member of the Dean’s Financial Committee of the Deanery of Horst

Member of the Diocesan Financial Commission Limburg

Pieter was a member of the Rotary Club Venray, since May 11 of 1976 and President Rotary Club Venray 1978/1979

Honorary President Rotary Club Royal Forest of Dean in U.K. 1978/1979

Rotary member Montebelluna, Italy

Rotary member Dublin, Georgia and Paul Harris Fellow 1996/1997 now Honorary member for several years.

In 1982, Pieter received the Sinden Award from the Mushroom Growers Association in the UK—the highest accolade in the Mushroom Industry.

Worked for Campbell Soup International as Vice President Training and Development from August 1983 to March 1989

People to People Citizen Ambassador in March/April 1987. Pieter, being a world renown mushroom expert, got chosen for joining a group of 10, to visit Universities, lecturing and making field trips on behalf of the Mushroom Industry. His employer Campbell Soup did fully cover his expenses.

Head of the Technology Division at Fungi del Montello in Italy from 1 March 1989 to February 1990

Dieng Djaya in Indonesia from 1 March 1990 to April 1992 and until 2001 as a consultant.

International Consultant with partner Mariette from 1992 to 2004 and only then time for our own house and garden. Pieter played the trumpet and trombone while in the military. Pieter also played the organ for the Catholic church, and he played the accordion. Music was one of his hobbies, as were photography and gardening. He also loved cycling and did so on his E-bike until April 7, 2024.

In 2020, we self–published our book ‘modern mushroom growing 2020 harvesting’ together for print on demand worldwide. In this way, Pieter’s intellect has been preserved and thousands more can benefit from it. Quite proud that it is listed in the U.K. as a university textbook.

Thus ends an intense but very humble life, focused on Commercial Mushroom Cultivation Education and also a life of always being there for others and often pro bono. We both have always been very committed to lifting the stigma around leprosy, something Princess Diana did so intensely. A biblical disease of people who have no voice. We visited the same leprosy hospital near Jakarta, Indonesia that Princess Diana did visit and helped raise funds for those voiceless.

Pieter was a great supporter and board member of the local Heart of Georgia Community Concert Association and The Dublin Association of Fine Arts, Inc. Under his leadership and diplomacy, the two merged.

Pieter’s Dad died in 1967 and his mother in 1989. Middle brother Toon in 2006 and eldest brother Thé in 2012. He has an adopted daughter Liz Vedder in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and foster daughter Anita Anggraeni in Semarang, Indonesia. His goddaughter and niece Myriam with daughters Sanne and partner with great-niece Bobbie, Lotte and son Auke, and niece Judith (Hems) and great–niece Nienke.

His wife of over 40 years, Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder.

A memorial service will be held at Dublin First Methodist Church. Service times will be announced at a later time.

Stanley Funeral Home and Crematory/Dublin Chapel has charge of the arrangements.

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