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Growtime took part at Mushroom Days 2023


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The international trade fair Mushroom Days 2023 took place on 10-12.05.2023, during which GrowTime presented modern solutions to increase the profitability of mushroom farms.

Thank you very much for the great interest in our booth and equipment, which we were able to present to potential and current customers and partners of the company.

For those who did not make it to the fair or our stand, we present some of the solutions we showed at the fair:


  • Hydraulic mushroom picking lorry PASCAL (link to product page)
    • about 25% higher harvesting efficiency (kg / h)
    • up to 2.5 kg more mushrooms / m2 (selective picking)
    • ergonomic and efficient bottom and last shelf picking
    • relatively fast return on investment
    • up to 40 hours of operation on a single battery charge
    • large platform load capacity (kg)
    • 12 solutions ensuring high workplace safety

  • VALOR 4000 mushroom scale (link to product page)
    • high degree of protection IP68
    • extreme overload resistance
    • short stabilization time of less than 0.5 seconds
    • durable polycarbonate keyboard protects against damage
    • double-sided LCD display allows two people to use the scale simultaneously
    • Flow-Thru design and NFS ensure the possibility of working in a wet, humid environment (what we presented on the exhibition 🙂)
    • available in two variants: ABS housing or stainless steel housing
    • awarded Food Safety Certificate (NSF), which indicates a high level of safety and compliance with all quality standards
    • legalized models available
    • proximity sensor allows touchless taring
    • MENU lock option
    • additional function of percentage weighing and accumulation

  • LED lamp in a polycarbonate (PC) housing (link to product page)
    • IP69 resistance rating
    • high resistance to mechanical damage due to polycarbonate housing
    • housing covered with a special coating resistant to harmful chemical compounds
    • warranty: 24 months / LED module lifetime 75000 h
    • mounted on stainless steel brackets
    • serviceable thanks to replaceable light sources
    • high luminous efficacy up to 175 lm/W
    • connector connection (no junction box required) or via an electric cable
    • power: 23,4 Watt
    • temperature color: 3000, 4000, 6500 K (6500 K recommended)
    • visual light: 4100 lm
    • unit length: 1590 mm / cover diameter: 40

  • Weighting system integrated with the picking lorry
    • Controller and indicator water resistance IP68
    • Sound signaling during weighing
    • Choice of mass units (gr / oz / lb)
    • Compact and minimalist design
    • Intuitive one-button menu operation
    • Adaptive system for existing lorries / trolleys

If you are interested in increasing the profitability of your mushroom farm, please visit our website at

If you have any questions or are interested in any of the products we present then contact Michael: +48 513 129

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