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Edward Lewandowsky published his book about pleurotus growing (in Spanish)

Edward Lewandowsky

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The book “Cultivation of pleurotus mushrooms” addresses the typical problems that occur in the cultivation of Pleurotus mushrooms and the causes of them. It provides recommendations for solving these problems.

The author Edward Lewandowsky, the grower at one of the largest mushroom farms in Spain, has been working in the cultivated mushroom sector for more than 20 years, sharing his experience. This book is intended for growers, cultivation specialists and all lovers of the world of cultivated mushrooms.

Written in Spanish, this book covers every aspect of the cultivation process, ensuring a successful and fruitful harvest.


Book Introduction says:

This guide is written in a simple style with little text, but with a large number of images to visualize the typical morphological changes of the common mushroom and other possible problems of cultivating fungi of the Pleurotus genus (Pleurotus ostreatus, Pleurotus pulmonarius, etc.) . The images will help the grower clarify the reason for the changes in the appearance of the mushrooms. However, sometimes to act, a more in-depth and detailed analysis of the main factors of oyster mushroom cultivation is required: the production process and substrate characteristics, the material of the
inoculum, the variety of the fungus, the climatic conditions in the room during incubation, fruiting and ripening, etc. The guide is not a cultivation manual, but rather the typical annoyances that can be found in the process of growing the common mushroom. Crop management will not be explained here.
This is the subject of another book that is in the process of being prepared.
The guide is intended for both beginners and advanced growers.

The book begins with a thorough exploration of the incubation phase, where readers will learn to navigate challenges such as green molds, microbiological load management, and maintaining optimal humidity and temperature levels. From there, the book transitions into the process of fructification, addressing common issues like inadequate fruiting, condensation above primordia, and CO2 regulation.

Moving forward, the cultivation section provides insights into crucial factors such as humidity, temperature, ventilation, and CO2 levels during the growth phase. Readers will discover solutions to common problems like cluster deformities, wavy cap edges, and the emergence of unique mushroom cap types.

The book discussing potential threats to the cultivation process. From bacterial infections to flies, every pest and disease is thoroughly examined, empowering growers with the knowledge needed to protect their harvest.

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