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5 personal questions to Piotr Domagala, Magik company`s owner


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Piotr Domagala is the owner of Magik and co-owner of Agro-Projects Group. Magik supplies refrigeration, heating, ventilation systems, as well as Agro-Projects – equipment, machines, builds mushroom farms and compost yards turnkey. Those companies are Polish suppliers.Piotr is one of the most successful people in mushroom business. And one of the most “real” guys – he loves traveling, sport, good beer. His company sponsors athletes, clubs, sport events.

Recently UMDIS spent a day with Piotr Domagala in a business trip – so we had a chance to ask 5 questions about his life and mushrooms 😊

– Piotr, how did you get to the mushroom industry?


My farther sold fresh mushrooms from Poland to Germany when I was a kid. Also, he had a processing plant. Finally, he closed those businesses because I did not want to deal with them. I was so insistent that I want to deal with another thing. And I do this thing till now – climatization. However, from farther I got knew that mushroom business is a nice business – so for years we make climatization for lots of mushroom farms and compost yards.

– Have you ever picked a mushroom on a farm by yourself? 😉

Of course – when I was 14 years old, I earned money accurate by helping a relative with picking on his farm. It was a good experience.

– What is the most important thing to make a company successful?

To find and engage people who will be really interested and passionate about their work. This task becomes much complicated nowadays. Imagine that now you cannot attract young people just with money anymore. They want to work less and have more time for themselves.

– What place do you most like to visit?

I have been to America for fun many times – in different states. I even know in which states clothes are cheaper or more expansive. We have got relatives there in USA. Where I have not been already – to Alaska state. Should go there!

– And the last question is about women. What is the perfect woman with your eyes?

That one who has her own goals. Who lives with purposes that are not always connected with her husband. Woman feels much better if her life is not totally dependent on a man. My wife Anna is a perfect example. And that is also the way to successful marriage I believe.

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