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“Online Exhibition” from North American Mushroom Conference 2024. Get to know


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UMDIS Mushroom Agency preparied for you the video recordings with most of exhibitors of North American Mushroom Conference in February 2024.

During the 1-3 minutes talks they tell you from the first hand about:

  • what offers their company
  • what important they think is going on now on American mushroom market
  • about NAMC Conference.

If you a mushroom producer from America, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle Asia, Australia, Africa… – you can find here your current or new supplier of turn-key building, equipment, control computers, casing, supplements, robotics, spawn, substrate.

The review from the Conference – in previous publication. Here


Agro-Projects is experts in the technologically advanced design of facilities for the industrial cultivation of mushrooms. The company helps new clients to design and build their mushroom farms and compost yards from scratch, and for clients already in the industry Agro-Projects offers many effective and modern technological solutions.

Christiaens Group

Christiaens Group is a leader in building and equipping mushroom farms and compost yards. They work on all continents. Christiaens makes:

  • design and construction of mushroom farms and compost yards
  • climate systems
  • machines
  • shelving and lorries
  • modern harvesting systems as tilting shelves, robots, drawer systems
  • … customised solutions.

Dutch Mushroom Projects DMP

Dutch Mushroom Projects DMP is a specialized turnkey projects supplier to the mushroom industry. DMP develops, manufactures and supplies equipment as well as innovative VEC computer and software control systems for compost sites and mushroom farms worldwide.

GrowTime Engineering

GrowTime Engineering specializes in manufacturing durable & efficient picking lorries/trolleys for mushroom farms. Electric as well as hydraulic which, thanks to their solutions and high quality, increase the efficiency of harvesting and the profitability of mushroom farms. GrowTime also offers aluminum shelving, lighting, growing nets, scales, knives and other

Mush Comb

Mush Comb is a Dutch supplier of machinery, equipment, climate systems and technology for mushroom farms, compost sites and exotic mushroom farms. The company’s vision is to put the customer first. Mush Comb currently supplies commercial mushroom growing projects in more than 50 countries.

Amycel Spawn Mate

Amycel Spawn Mate have been serving the commercial mushroom-growing industry in North and South America since 1979 and internationally since 1987. Amycel provides the mushroom spawn, supplements, and services that mushroom growers need worldwide.

ChampFood International

ChampFood International is headquartered in Vierlingsbeek, the Netherlands produces ChampFood, a natural and organic supplement for growing mushrooms. The company was established in 1991 and has served the mushroom industry as a manufacturer, supplier and distributor of ChampFood ever since. ChampFood company supplies a wide range of ChampFood products all over the world.


Ecovative unlocks the power of mycelium to grow better materials.


Fancom – from compost to mushroom creates the conditions for balanced mushroom growing. Fancom has a climate computer suitable for each phase of the production process, from fermentation to harvest. A complete system for commercial mushroom cultivation. System provides you with: Cost reduction Quality improvement Energy saving

4ag Robotics

4ag Robotics has developed a fully autonomous, vision-guided mushroom harvesting robot. The robot attaches to the farm’s existing shelving so there’s no need for changes to farm infrastructure. They are transportable and can move easily between growing rooms when needed. On the Farm To date, 4ag has completed proof of concept deployments on two farms. Both performed well, achieving the goal of 95% successful pick rate. The next step is to harvest a 2-flush growth cycle on our partner farm.

Hoving Holland

Hoving Holland designs and produces custom built machines and entire installations for mushroom culture and waste management. The machinery is adapted to your operation procedures and is also adapted to the site where the production takes place

JF McKenna

JF McKenna is an Irish company. It has a wide range of products and solutions for the mushroom farm. From hooped structures and panel buildings, to shelving and climate control, the expert technical team can offer the complete package to suit your individual requirements. Structures Shelving Equipment


Legro is casing soil for professional mushroom cultivation industry. – For mechanical and manual harvesting – Dry casing soils for export


RibbStyle is a manufacturer, installer and international supplier of professional coatings for several industries. The comany has been offering customized solutions for each project for more than 35 years!


Satrise was established in 2014, is a professional company integrating product research and development, sales and service. The company specializes in mushroom factory production systems and has extensive experience in mushroom farm design and cultivation equipment production.

Shandong Exotic Fungi Biotech

Shandong Exotic Fungi Biotech supplies logs for shiitake and exotics and builds greenhouses. The company supplies full range of cultivated mushroom spawn compost and deep processed products with necessary certificates, meanwhile, it could share the technologies about mushroom growing to help you get a better harvesting.

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Mushroom prices in Romania in May

UMDIS Mushroom Agency made a price monitoring of mushrooms in Romania. Romania is the country where culture of mushroom consumption is pretty developed – however it is usually about forest mushrooms.

€3,700,000.00 Contract. Agro-Projects Starts to Build a Mushroom Facility in Ontario

Agro-Projects stems from their recognized prowess in industrial mushroom cultivation facility design. Todd Shapiro, CEO and Director of Red Light Holland, expressed confidence in this partnership, highlighting Agro-Projects' expertise and the potential it holds for achieving mass production goals.

Mushroom prices in Poland in May

UMDIS monitored prices on mushrooms in one of Polish supermarkets. Poland is the largest button mushrooms producer in Europe.

Mushroom prices in Ireland in May

UMDIS Agency grower during consulting in Ireland - looked at mushroom prices in this country.

Video how supplements for mushrooms are produced – at SUPERCHAMP

Today, SuperChamp, Dutch producer of supplements, operates from a state-of-the-art, fully automated production facility, ensuring a seamless process from receiving goods to packaging. The facility adheres to the highest standards of hygiene, safety, and traceability, with ISO 22000 certification since 2014.

Mushroom prices in Bulgaria in May

UMDIS Mushroom Agency was in the store in Bulgaria during the courses we organised there in the middle of May.

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