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Mushrooms, ditch and fence – at Agraria


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Come to our exhibition – but we will not let you in. Find us!  Reach us!

Agraria – agricultural exhibition – is going now: 18-21st of April near Cluj-Napoca in Romania. That is a large event – 30 000 people visit it every year. This time – more than 250 exhibitors. The event is mostly outdoor – as well has some pavilions. The fair has more than 25 years` history.  Organiser – Inter Marketing.

„It is Romanian style” – smiles a Romanian women trying to find an entrance to the fenced exhibition area – without any signs printed on the road. The cars go back and forth past the fence, trying in vain to find the pointers.


It is raining – enough predictible weather condition for April in Romania.

Finaly every person leaves the car somewhere near and goes by foot. And… see the ditch along the entire length of the road, separating them from the exhibition. Probably the only way the organizers expect all 30,000 people to get to the fair – is through the two wooden planks they put. And – people jump.

But that is not enough.

After they come to the side of the fence – they should go along it in the mud on washed-out ground to reach the only one entrance.


The exhibition gathers lots of exhibitors – that`s the fact. Many of them are not having too large booths – but there are plenty of different exhibitors on the area. Some booths are just a table with some products. And lots of techniques for agriculture around here.

We would not name the fair international – nearly all exhibitors are from Romania. Plus, some exhibitors from Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, France, Turkey, and Greece.

“We are from Poland – but we have our dealer on Romanian market and sell here our robots for palletizing” – tells UMDIS Mushroom Agency one of the international exhibitors.

The exhibition is made both like B2B and as well B2C. There can be found solutions for agricultural and other businesses – as well cheese, honey, sweets.


Typically for many countries – mushroom category is not really represented during agricultural exhibitions. Not discussing is it right or not for the mushroom producers in the world – Romania is not a country where someone can expect to find mushrooms on such event.

In Romania there are two large mushroom producers – Boglar and Iazul. And up to 15 smaller champignon mushroom producers, plus number of farms producing oysters. However cultivated mushrooms are not very popular in Romania as it is not one of the richest EU countries. For exotics the situation is like supermarket managers tell:

Romanians often stay away from exotic mushrooms as they do not know them – and do not understand why to spend so much money for a small package if they can buy meat or poultry instead”.

Another thing is – with forest mushrooms.

I pick mushrooms in Bucovina” – tell UMDIS Mushroom Agency producer of canned vegetable appetizer, the exhibitor at Agraria. He has the small booth where sells domestic canned mixes with eggplant, tomato, pepper, onion. And with different kinds of forest mushrooms – like beech mushroom, boletus. Such dish is very delicious and popular for Romania. Among 6 types of products, he has – 3 are with mushrooms. The cost is 5 euro for 314 gramm.

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