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Are you a professional in the mushroom business, specializing in farm organization, sales, marketing, packaging, logistics, pricing, or other critical areas? UMDIS invites industry leaders like you to contribute valuable insights to our specialized platform.


At UMDIS, we are dedicated to providing a platform exclusively for professionals in the mushroom business. Our focus extends beyond cultivation, encompassing crucial aspects such as farm organization, sales strategies, marketing trends, packaging innovations, logistics efficiency, pricing dynamics, and more.

Why Contribute?

By becoming a featured contributor on our blog, you can:

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  • Choose from a range of professional topics, including:
  • Button Mushroom Production Technologies
  • Technologies for the Production of Exotic Mushrooms
  • Substrate and Compost Production Technologies
  • Climatic Equipment for Mushroom Farms
  • Mushroom Trade Strategies
  • Mushroom Market Analysis 
  • Materials Used in Mushroom Growing
  • Chemicals and Hygiene Products for Mushroom Growers
  • Accounting Systems for Mushroom Businesses

How to Get Involved:


We extend an exclusive invitation for you to contribute your expertise. Here’s how to get started:

Choose Your Topic: Select from the professional topics listed above or propose your own related to mushroom business.

Propose Your Insights: Share your ideas on specific industry challenges, success stories, or emerging trends, and we’ll work together to shape compelling content.

Tailored Collaboration: Our team is here to ensure that your contribution aligns seamlessly with the professional tone and standards of our platform.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our community of distinguished contributors at UMDIS!

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