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Why was it impossible to make a heavy mushroom without Iuri Boiciuc? – we asked Bogdan Hanuliak.


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Recently Iurie Boiciuc consulted Bohdan Hanuliak’s mushroom farm in Western Ukraine. We asked him what he thought – what Iurie taught him and what he helped him with. What a result was obtained after training with Iurie Boiciuc?

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-The consultant was asked to increase the yield of 1 flush and preserve the quality, and there was also a problem with the quality of 2 flush (weak mushrooms).

These problems were explained at each stage – what to pay attention to. And it is practically shown how to do it and how it works.


A lot of useful information was taken from Iurie Boiciuc, he is a specialist in his field.

In the first flush there were not enough generations, it was not possible to grow them in volume and quality was lost. The other flushes was easy to pull, it was not a dense mushroom.

During Iurie Boiciuc’s visit, great attention was paid to the dew on the mycelium and its control. Also, temperature and CO2 spikes during pinning made it possible to make a generation.

Understanding of watering on the compost and shock on the other flushes gave the result of dense quality mushroom from 2 flush. And a lot of useful information was learned from Iurie Boiciuc.

After his visit was made conclusions and sum up figures so on 1 flush was achieved + 2 kg/m2 to yield and reduction of second-grade by 7%.

On the other flushes was reached the quality and density of mushrooms that gave the opportunity to increase the yield of 2 flush by 1kg/m2.

Thank Iurie for the work he has done – he is the expert in his field. I will ask Iurie Boiciuc for the second time to visit my farm, because after each visit there is a result. And I will continue to ask him to come to me and use his consultations. And thanks to Umdis for his partner work.

We inform you that you have the last opportunity to sign up for the course on 13-14th of November at Borovik Farm! With Iurie Boiciuc. +380935690941 (messenger)

We inform you that you have the last opportunity to sign up for the course on 13-14th of November at Borovik Farm! With Iurie Boiciuc. +380935690941 (messenger)

Topic: “How to make a mushroom on all 3 flush”.

1. What parameters and factors influence on mushroom weight.
2. How to achieve a good shelf, so that there will be an important mushroom.
3. What is the weight of mushroom 1, 2 and 3 flushes?
4. What is better – a thin mushroom but a heavy mushroom or a thicker mushroom but a lighter mushroom? (This is relevant also due to the lack of pickers).
5. How to harvest the first mushroom of the first flush mushroom to the last mushroom of the flush.
6. How to make the second and third flushes with heavy and big mushrooms?
7. Answers to the questions on the whole growing process.

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