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Marketing mushroom tips. UMDIS advises how to go for summer holidays rightly?


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That is the article strictly dedicated for the suppliers of mushroom industry. UMDIS agency is one of few those bodies who daily monitors marketing actions of companies in mushroom industry. Analysis below is devoted to the question how to communicate your summer holidays in social media with the benefits to your business.

The Dutch tradition is to go on some-weeks summer vacations with the whole company team, reporting this to all clients. Italian suppliers often share this tradition, while Polish suppliers not. As our experience shows, Poles rest in different months, not with the whole company team, avoiding sharing it on company`s accounts – and often with mobile phone in a hand.

Christiaens Group BV, GTL Europe BV, Dutch Mushroom Projects BV, CNC Grondstoffen BV and Officine Alpie S.u.r.l. this summer went on holidays as usual. We have analyzed the nice tips in their announcement posts for you to use.The first thing is showing summer in your post. CNC Grondstoffen knows that their clients look forward to having rest on the hot beach – so what can bring them better emotions? Remember that our brain works that way that it transmits emotions and feeling from one thing to the other when they are near each other. If you show pleasant summer beach and also your logo together on one picture (actually four logos as CNC Grondstoffen has shown) – warm feeling transmits to the company`s perception.Another thing is showing of a mushroom on the graphics. See Dutch Mushroom Projects` example. It can be done in different way – to show real mushroom, animated or comic one, anthropomorphic mushroom – but that makes the message be customized for our industry. Also, that makes growers to see your message in their newsfeed. Putting funny mushroom in a summer context makes growers laugh – those positive emotions add points to your brand.


Another good thing used by Dutch Mushroom Projects is a hashtag.Speaking about senses – post of Officine Alpie is definitely eloquent. Remember that the point of “holiday post” is not the beauty of words and pictures but sending message WHEN you are going to be closed. And give it in that way that your clients will remember dates. So, they can solve their issues a week before, also you will avoid this uncomfortable for most of customers situation when they write to their supplier and receives the mail “out of office”. Showing calendar, the company makes people to concentrate on which days are days off – so gives them more chances to remember it.What is also a success here – is keeping the whole picture having the official Alpie`s color as the main color and designing it in according to all rules of color harmony (hi, Itten circle!).Really import is showing the phone number that is going to be available during company`s holidays. That is greatly done by Christiaens Group.

In fact such “holiday post” has two main messages – dates when the team is on holiday and information how to reach it if the matter is urgent. That gives your clients, and even more important – your potential clients – the confidence that they will never be abandoned if choose you as the supplier. Christiaens Group made this concept to be the central message of their post.On their “well-deserved holiday`s post” GTL Europe uses two things that work perfectly for promotional functions. The first is animation – running letters as well as changing of the image attracts customers` attention.

Another thing is much more valuable. As for our opinion, the supplier can use its opportunity to tell something about the company in such “vacation post”. You already have invested in beautiful graphics and in catching attention, also you have a cute, relaxed reason – vacations. Just adding a line or two of short advertising info, talking about your company`s successes do not irritates here – however becomes the message that remains in client`s brain.

“GTL Europe, leading in mushroom cultivation and composting” wites the company. And adds its web-site below.What can we add?

Just to provide some more ideas, we can offer you two additional small tips that you may use in the future “holiday posts”.

First is – create and tell the story on the picture. It can be even funny or touching story. Something that mushroom growers will understand. As the example, you may show the couple of mushrooms lying on hot and sunny beach on the beach chairs. One of them gives a cocktail or water or pours by water the other. “Mushroom needs water. And care. We always care about our clients – even when we are on vacations. Here is the number to contact us in urgent matters”, may show such story.

The second thing is that you may probably want to tell something about your company, what it has done recently or what service it is proud of. Just couple of lines in the end of the “vacation post”. Here are options how can you implement it organically. We would say:

  • Our team is preparing for summer vacation on 15-27th of August as our company has done so much work this spring. We have delivered our machines to 5 countries, have finished building turn-key two farms in Western Europe and lounged our new growing net washer.
  • On 15-27th of August our company is going on well-deserves summer holidays as we work for our clients 24hour a day supplying reliable equipment and supporting our customers round the world.

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