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Farm visit to G`s Fresh Mushrooms, UK


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When one of the Europe`s largest fresh produce businesses, situated in UK, and established in 1952, starts to produce mushrooms – it definitely will be about high quality and safety. G`s started to produce mushrooms in 2012 – the Littleport Mushroom Farm is situated in Littleport, UK. Quality checks here – as well as safety measures for the employees – are at a very high level.

UMDIS Mushroom Agency visited the farm after receiving the invitation from G`s Fresh Mushroom Farm manager Neno Atanasov.

The farm was built by JF McKenna, the head filling machine is by Christiaens, and computers by Fancom. Now Limbraco installs here newest blue belt harvesting solution while pickers for some years already enjoy picking with 220 GrowTime picking lorries. So, the best technologies from the best suppliers of mushroom industry G`s uses to produce the best mushrooms for their customers.


The range of products which G`s Fresh Mushroom Farm supplies are:

  • white button mushrooms
  • chestnut mushrooms
  • flats
  • sliced and diced mushrooms for processing.

The G`s business is family owned. Guy S Shropshire – the founder – commenced farming near Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK in 1952 – and generation by generation the family has developed and grown the business.

Today the G`s Group is represented in six countries: UK, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, USA, and Senegal.

“Our main values are Trust, Efficiency Quality, Expertise and Can do. And we are very faithful with them in guiding all of our operations and ways of working”, – tells UMDIS Anthony Gardiner, Communications Director at G’s Group.

Every market G`s enters – it shares its values as a family-owned and trusted company. However, they also understand the requirements of every country and society. For instance on US market they promote health and innovative products based on beetroots – because health and innovations is what Americans are now focused in the food sector. In Senegal – while developing in that country – G`s creates lots of workplaces, builds health care centers and developing water avialbility. The strategy allows not just G`s to develop – but as well the local society of the country become happier.

G`s produce a broad portfolio of crops supplying customers cross the UK and Europe their range includes – celery, beetroot, radish, lettuce, onion, garlic, asparagus, pumpkins, and melons – and of course not to forget about baby leaves of spinach, rocket etc. However – notably to mention – mushrooms now account for c. 7% of G’s Group`s turnover.

G’s sales turnover is around £600m – more than 1.2 billion packs p.a.

G’s Littleport Mushroom Farm grows, picks and packs approx. 165 tons of mushrooms a week.  The farm alos imports to UK from Poland already packed in source mushrooms for some of their customers.

In G`s Fresh Mushrooms they produce conventional – as well as organic mushrooms.

Notably: according to G`s data – the UK produces less than 50% of its consumption. This farm sells 12-13% of mushrooms consumed in the UK.

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