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Global mushroom news and trainings


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How mushroom business in China grows 2022-2024. Qihe Biotech prepared a report for UMDIS readers

On the eve of International Mushroom Days in China on April 20-25, the UMDIS agency is publishing an article about the Chinese market by one of our partners. UMDIS Mushroom Agency asked Qihe Biotech – the large Chineese substrate supplier

Interview and lots of photos from American mushroom farm Basciani

Basciani Foods is American mushroom farm company in Avondale, Pennsylvania. The first farm of Basciani was built in 1925. Now the company is lead by the third and fourth generation of the Basciani Family – Michael Basciani is CEO, and

5 facts about American mushroom business by David Iaconi, Mushroom Supply and Services

As you are a mushroom producer from US, Canada, Mexico or South America - you probably already buy equipment, casing, nets, supplements and other products from Mushroom Supply and Services company - which works in US in Kennett Square for

20 000 m2 is Christiaens production facility. See it

You know about Christiaens a lot. In this video Roland tells things which you did not expect - for example how many people they employ, in which industries Christiaens is active besides of mushrooms, in which countires they have clients...
Donal Gernon, Teagasc

The Irish Mushroom Industry: An Interview with Donal Gernon

The Irish mushroom industry has undergone significant transformations in the past decades, facing challenges ranging from labour shortages to environmental concerns. In a recent interview with Donal Gernon, a mushroom adviser from Teagasc, Ireland, we gained valuable insights into the

5 steps from idea to implementation of mushroom farm

Recording of broadcast by UMDIS Mushroom Agency and Christiaens Group

Up to 35 products at Irish farm Kerrigan’s. Review from the farm

John Kerrigan founded in 1981 Kerrigan's Family Farm near the town of Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland. This farm is one of two farms in Ireland which supplies mushrooms just to Irish market. So, they really feed the nation with quality

Interview with George Kyriakides – organiser of a Mushroom Festival on Cyprus

Kyriakides mushrooms is the only mushroom farm on Cyprus. It grows number of types of different mushrooms and supply to local market. The most unusual activity farm does - organization of Mushroom Festival that was attended by 15000 people in

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