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Video: How to solve the problem of pickers` shortage and about Exxcalibur new strain by Amycel


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Maksym Yenchenko, the representative of Amycel and UMDIS Director spoke with Lukasz Jasinski about new strain Exxcalibur.

Listen the whole interview on UMDIS website.Amycel Exxcalibur is new strain from world leading spawn company Amycel. We asked Lukasz couple of questions about new strain from Amycel called Exxcalibur. In 2004, there was a long queue of people waiting to work on mushroom farms in Western countries, but over time, the shortage of harvesters became a problem. Growers attempted to underpin the rooms to reduce the amount of work required, but this led to reduction of yield. Sporgon, a fungicide to treat Verticilium, was used on nearly every mushroom farm in Europe but will be banned in October 2023. That will lead to increase of the number of pins growers have, and further increase the problem. Exxcalibur is a new strain that can maintain a staggered pin rate without Sporgon and can give the same yield with fewer harvesters. It can even fix some harvesting mistakes. With Exxcalibur mushrooms do not grow in clumps, what reduce the separation work, and this lead to reducing misshaping and bruising of mushrooms. Exxcalibur gives slightly fewer pins but maintains a good stagger and yields better quality mushrooms, making it a preferable option for the industry.

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Maksym Yenchenko

Amycel S.A.R.L

+38 067 506 45 21

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