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Update about Exxcalibur picking rates


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Recently UMDIS Mushroom Information Agency published on our YouTube channel the interview about mushroom picking on Sopincy mushroom farm. They grow 360 tones per week, that looks like it is the largest mushroom farm in Europe. Kamil Władysław Jagiełło, the Director of the farm comments on.

-With Exxcalibur it`s very good because it`s very easy to pick, – tells Kamil.

New Amycel strain Exxcalibur is being tested on the farm. The main advantage of the new strain – it makes mushrooms be simple and quick to harvest.


This week we received from Kamil the message via WhatsApp that they already know the picking rates of new strain (after picking all flashes).

-Hello, we have just finished the first Exxcalibur. 39,23 kg/m2, – wrote Kamil.

Watch the video below to know more about Sopinscy mushropom farm

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