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“Ukrainian Mushrooms” farm expanded its mushroom assortment during the war


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We are proud of Ukrainian mushroom growers who not only stay afloat during the war, but also successfully develop their business. One of such examples is the farm “Ukrainian Mushrooms” by Mykola Lelet.

Before the war, the farm planned to add to their assortment of champignons – exotic mushrooms.- We wanted to have more product options, – says the mushroom farmer.

At the beginning of the war, the farm was occupied and was liberated. The owner restarted production after the liberation. And remembered that he planned to start growing exotic mushrooms. “The war is not a reason to break plans” – thought Mykola.


The farm “Ukrainian Mushrooms” has been growing white and brown mushrooms for many years, and sold oyster mushrooms under its trademark.

Since September, Mykola Lelet started his own production of all exotic mushrooms available to him – eryngii, shiitake, agrotsibe. He buys substrate blocks in Ukraine.

– We sell exotics to supermarket chains together with champignon mushrooms. Clients don’t take a lot of exotics – but they appreciate us for being able to supply a wide range, – shares Mykola.

According to the mushroom grower, the chain can take 60-80 kilograms of exotic mushrooms per week. This is small amount compared to champignons – but the price for such mushrooms is many times higher.

According to Mykola Lelet, exotic mushrooms can also be sold to restaurants – but for such a large farm as theirs, it does not make sense because a lot of time and money is lost on the logistics of delivery to specific restaurants.

The “Ukrainian Mushrooms” farm is currently operating at 80% of its capacity for champignon mushrooms. According to Mykola Lelet, this is related to the quality of the compost and the the existing demand for mushrooms.

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