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Tag: Spain

Spain offers the best quality mushrooms in Europe? – Photos

In April 2023 UMDIS Mushroom Information Agency visited Spain to see farms and cooperatives. Soon we are going to publish videos from the farms – and now is short review. As Spanish mushroom producers, remembering the history told us – mushroom cultivation in Spain was starting in 1960-1980 years. Now Spain is the 3rd (or probably 4th) mushroom producer in Europe according to the volume of production.

Spanish mushroom producers shared why their market is different

- Spain is the third country in Europe in the production of mushrooms, - Pedro Garcia Fajardo, Amycel's representative in Spain, told us. – It grows 120,000 tons of mushrooms a year. Somewhere half of the production is concentrated in the South, and the second half in the North of the country.

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