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On the Irish mushroom farm

Our grower is now consulting an Irish farm Kerrigans Mushrooms in Co Meath. UMDIS Mushroom Agency consults on mushroom growing and mushroom picking - and organises courses for mushroom farms in Poland, Spain, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romaina, Kazachstan, Australia - as well as other countries. Contact us to know the prices:

Please take 10 min to help the Irish University in studying mushroom industry

"We are currently carrying out a Food Fraud Vulnerability assessment in the mushroom value chain and we are looking for feedback from different actors across the value chain", - writes Dr. Dimitrios Argyropoulos from University College Dublin.

Cultivating Success: Visit to Walsh Mushrooms in Ireland (art 4 of 5)

Rich mushroom history of Ireland started in the late 1970s, as UMDIS agency wrote before. One of the most notable person in mushroom industry of Ireland of those years is Mr Walsh, the owner of Walsh Mushrooms. Now his son Alan plays a large role in the company. The growing farms was mostly built and equipped by JF McKenna, Irish supplier of turn-key solutions.

Watch Video Farm Tour to Irish farm Codd Mushrooms (article 2 from 5)

In July UMDIS Mushroom Information Agency made a farm tour in Ireland, sponsored by JFMcKenna, the first farm that we visited was Codd Mushrooms. Codd Mushroom farm grows white button mushrooms. It is a family-owned mushroom farm with a very industrious and kind owner – Leslie Codd. The Codd family mushroom business started production in 1989 by brothers Leslie and Raymond. Now the farm consists of 42 growing rooms. 

Why Ireland is the “warmest” country in terms of mushrooms? Leonne from JF McKenna showed us Ireland (1 of 5)

When I looked on the website of JF McKenna I liked one phrase from their client`s review: “The whole team at JF McKenna will go the extra mile”, which means “make effort”. Being the editor of UMDIS Mushroom Information Agency, I agreed on our promo company visit to JF McKenna in the beginning of July. In the moment of buying the tickets – I realised that JF McKenna, general contractor and supplier for mushroom industry, was located in Northern Ireland, not in Ireland as I thought - so I needed visa to UK as it is not EU anymore. After thinking about the situation for some hours I wrote to JF McKenna: - Maybe you will come to Ireland and show me your clients there? I was amazed receiving the answer: - Yes, for sure. I thought that time – wow, this company really “will go the extra mile”!

Monaghan Mushrooms and Walsh Mushrooms are on the list

The Irish Times produced its list of the top 1000 companies again this year. Nestled in among the ranking contenders were the two largest mushroom industry companies in the land, namely Monaghan Mushrooms and Walsh Mushrooms.

About peat, production cost, demand in Ireland. 2022 is the most difficult year for mushroom growers during 30 years

Codd Mushrooms supplies 50%+ of all mushrooms consumed in Ireland. The farm's clients are Tesco, Aldi, Dunnes stores, Supervalu, BWG, as well as the catering sector. Codd Mushrooms offers white and brown mushrooms, sliced ​​white mushrooms and white mushroom caps, as well as portobello. The total volume of production is more than 5,500 tons of mushrooms every year.

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