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What German mushroom producers discuss?

This time 75 Annual Mushroom Conference of German mushroom producers (Jahrestagung des BDC) organised by Bund Deutscher Champignon- und Kulturpilzanbauer e.V. (BDC) took place in Heilbronn, Germany on 28-30 of September 2023. The Conference consisted of German association meeting, The

Welcome to button mushroom farm of Pilzland GmbH in Schwaigern – on 30th of September. Built by Limbracco

On 30th of September the participants of 75 Annual Mushroom Conference in Germany, Heilbronn, organised by BDC – will visit a unique farm of Pilzland GmbH in Schwaigern, built by Limbraco International BV in collaboration with GTL Europe. UMDIS agency

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