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Amycel CEO Kyon Kazemi talks about a new strain Exxcalibur that is taking over the world. Video 3 from DMD

Short video from Dutch Mushroom Days where Amycel present new white mushroom strain called Exxcalibur. This new variety already took over American market, and tests showed it demonstrates exellent results on Phase 3 in Europe. New white mushroom strain Exxcalibur

Update about Exxcalibur picking rates

Recently UMDIS Mushroom Information Agency published on our YouTube channel the interview about mushroom picking on Sopincy mushroom farm. They grow 360 tones per week, that looks like it is the largest mushroom farm in Europe. Kamil Władysław Jagiełło, the

Video: How to solve the problem of pickers` shortage and about Exxcalibur new strain by Amycel

Maksym Yenchenko, the representative of Amycel and UMDIS Director spoke with Lukasz Jasinski about new strain Exxcalibur. Listen the whole interview on UMDIS website.

Mushrooms are now easier to pick. A new strain of Amycel has come out on the market

Most mushroom farms in the world are looking for solutions to make mushroom harvesting easier and faster. They buy modern picking trolleys, tilting and moving shelves, implement new motivational systems, and even invent robots.

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