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Visit Dutch Mushroom Projects at a new address

From Monday May 6 onwards our new address is Groethofstraat 24, 5916 PB in Venlo. Our phone number remains the same. We look forward seeying you in Venlo!

Why American mushroom producers want to renovate and build the farms with Dutch Mushroom Projects?

UMDIS Mushroom Agency during North American Mushroom Conference 2024 asked Ron Hegger from DMP – Why American mushroom farmers choose DMP so often when they need shelving, air handling units, computers, new farm building, as well as compost tunnels? And that is what we got to know.

Why DMP supplier is so strong? Video from Dutch Mushroom Days

Leo Douven from DMP ( describes the company actitvities. Dutch Mushroom Projects is a Dutch supplier of engineering, equipment and ready-made solutions for the mushroom industry. The company produces airhandling units, racks, trolleys, nets, doors – and automation, and also comprehensively builds tunnels and growing rooms. In 40 years, Dutch Mushroom Projects has changed its name twice. First VECIAP, then Dalsem Mushroom Projects, and now it is called Dutch Mushroom Projects. Abbreviated as DMP. Dutch Mushroom Projects builds mushroom projects and supplies equipment all over the world, serving customers in the industry in Western, Eastern Europe, America, Asia. In addition to Holland has a factory in China. Interview was recorded at Mushroom Days 2023 by UMDIS

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