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Prices for mushrooms in Germany


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In one of German LPG Bio markets in Berlin the price per 1 kilogram of brown mushrooms in loose is 10.89 Euro (a bit less for the shop club members). Impossible to compare with white button mushrooms as they are absent here.

Portobello costs 9.90 Euro per kilogram – so cheaper than usual brown mushrooms.Oyster mushrooms can be bought for 13,2 Euro per kilogram while king oyster mushrooms for 22.90 Euro. There was a discount for shiitake mushrooms – so they cost just 20.60 Euro.

Packed were sold only brown mushrooms – 2.99 Euro per 250 grams. So, 11.96 per kilogram – which means plus one Euro compared with loose brown mushrooms.


To compare the mushroom prices: tomatoes, zucchini as well as porree in this shop cost 4.99 per kilogram, cucumber 1.99 Euro per kilogram.

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