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Pavel Shcherbatov`s farm in Ukraine is liberated. Pavel plans to return to his farm in four days


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On Friday, November 11, the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated Kherson, large city in Southern Ukraine. This is incredible happiness for Ukraine. For most, the city is associated with watermelons.

But there is also one of the largest mushroom farms in Southern Ukraine. We spoke with its owner, Pavlo Shcherbatov, about the libaration and his plans.- I can’t tell how happy am I now! We left Kherson, live with relatives in the Vinnytsia region – were is safer. Now we will return home in 3-4 days, – shares with UMDIS smiling Pavlo Shcherbatov.

His farm has 27 growing rooms.


– I don’t know exactly in what condition the farm is. The house is intact, the main equipment too. Our friends looked after the farm, and watchmen lived there. As far as I know, Russian soldiers lived right on the farms. When the Ukrainian military forces went to the city – the soldiers on my mushroom-carrying buses took my tools, unscrewed the boilers, took away the hydrophores – and left. I don’t understand one thing – why do they need hydrophores in the tanks, – Pavlo tells us.

He plans to restart a farm – but this is connected with huge investments – compost and everything else. Also many people who used to wok there left the city – including a grower. That’s why Pavlo Shcherbatov says: he plans to restart gradually and believes that he will succeed in everything.

We at UMDIS are very happy and believe in Pavel – because our mushroom growers are the strongest!

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