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Video tour to the Baltic Champ mushroom farm and compost yard

Baltic Champ is the largest mushroom farm in the Baltic countries. To be precise - 4 mushroom farms. In total, these 4 mushroom farms have 35,000. m2 of own mushroom cultivation area. Baltic Champignons employs 550 people....

Mushrooms, ditch and fence – at Agraria

Come to our exhibition – but we will not let you in. Find us!  Reach us! Agraria - agricultural exhibition - is going now: 18-21st of April near Cluj-Napoca in Romania. That is a large event – 30 000 people visit...

Results of the European Mushroom Campaign: The Hidden Gem

GEPC Promo is sharing information that from November 2022 to December 2023, substrate producers from Poland collectively donated 333,000 Euro. at campaign goals....

Hopper and shelves in good condition for sale

The farm is selling equipment as it is closed. The equipment is in very good condition....

How mushroom business in China grows 2022-2024. Qihe Biotech prepared a report for UMDIS readers

On the eve of International Mushroom Days in China on April 20-25, the UMDIS agency is publishing an article about the Chinese market by one of our partners. UMDIS Mushroom Agency asked Qihe Biotech – the large Chineese substrate supplier –...

Why American mushroom producers want to renovate and build the farms with Dutch Mushroom Projects?

UMDIS Mushroom Agency during North American Mushroom Conference 2024 asked Ron Hegger from DMP – Why American mushroom farmers choose DMP so often when they need shelving, air handling units, computers, new farm building, as well as compost tunnels? And...

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Mushroom business in US: wooden/ aluminium shelves, Phase 2/3, prices, tendencies

For already 4-5 years in US mushroom farms do not really build rooms on wooden racks. As soon as they invest - they usually build facilities with aluminium shelving. Yes probably with wooden platforms - but metal shelving.

For all WORKAHOLICS in mushrooms – Savath Oun from Highline writes about Work-life harmony in the mushroom industry

In the fast-paced and demanding world of the mushrooms industry, finding equilibrium between professional responsibilities and personal life is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. Balancing the demands of work with family commitments and personal growth endeavours is essential for maintaining overall well-being and maximizing productivity. Here are some effective strategies to manage work-life balance effectively in the mushrooms industry, while also nurturing personal growth and fostering strong family connections:

Course with Iurie Boiciuc Bulgaria. May 15-18.

The topic of the course is "Growing mushrooms in summer time". May 15-18. The languages of the course are Russian and Bulgarian.

Take a 3-day Course “Button Mushroom Growing” – on the farm in Poland

What I get if go to button mushrooms growing courses by UMDIS? ✅I will understand how functions effective mushroom farm of middle size ✅I will start harvest more white and dense mushrooms – better quality ✅I will learn to get more kg per m2 due to improving growing technology and harvesting

3 types of Mush Comb headfilling machines. How to choose?

One of the key products of Mush Comb – which works on dozens of mushroom farms worldwide – is the head filling machine. As lots of clients approach Mush Comb after seeing “that strong blue head filling machine of my neighbour” – many of them are not aware of the whole range of head filling machines the company offers. And actually, there are five of them.

“Online Exhibition” from North American Mushroom Conference 2024. Get to know

UMDIS Mushroom Agency preparied for you the video recordings with most of exhibitors of North American Mushroom Conference in February 2024.

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Meet our consultant

Iurie Boiciuc

Iurie has 20 years of experience in mushroom growing



Why should you try SuperChamp? Dutch supplements of great quality

Most of mushroom producers in the world are sure that supplements are essential for there good yield. In different regions different supplements are used. However usually growers agree – Dutch supplements are the guarantee of quality and safety.

In Romania started to work Phase 3 compost yard

Romania – the country with 10+ champignon mushroom farms for years was straggling without domestic compost. In Romania farms used to import compost from Hungary where large compost yards – Bio-Fungi, Korona and Boglar Champ are situated.

Please take 10 min to help the Irish University in studying mushroom industry

"We are currently carrying out a Food Fraud Vulnerability assessment in the mushroom value chain and we are looking for feedback from different actors across the value chain", - writes Dr. Dimitrios Argyropoulos from University College Dublin.

Special packaging for exotic mushrooms, brown and sliced white mushrooms by StePac

Below UMDIS Mushroom Agency publishes press release of special film supplier for mushrooms. StePacPPC entered the fresh produce industry in 1995. StePacPPC specializes in the development of advanced polymer films with a range of water vapor transmission rates (WVTR) to manage humidity in the packaging headspace.  This is critical component of modified atmosphere packaging. With produce items that are sensitive to moisture such as mushrooms, it is a crucial advantage.

Dutch Mushroom Projects built a mushroom farm in Austria. Video

Dutch Mushroom Projects BV, the Dutch general contractor as well supplier of equipment, control computers for mushroom business, recently finished a mushroom project in Austria. Frutura Obst & Gemüse Kompetenzzentrum GmbH now has new rooms, climate systems, computers VEC41 and lots of other equipment from DMP. The VEC 41 is an independent controller for every individual climate unit; bunker, tunnel, growing room, central unit, etc.

Oyster mushroom cultivation as an additional crop on champignon and exotic farms

If you grow exotics or button mushrooms and are thinking about growing oyster mushrooms additionally, this article is for you. I'll tell you what nuances you need to consider when adopting a new crop.

UMDIS conducted a mushroom harvesting course for mushroom growers in Ireland

A course on how to organize a mushroom harvest with trainer Lina Turowski was held by the UMDIS Mushroom Agency at Kerrigan's mushrooms farm March 4-6, 2024. 16 course participants received practical and theoretical knowledge about the organization of the collection department at the mushroom farm. During the course, participants looked at how a picking department should be organized depending on the size of the farm, how to select and deploy mushroom pickers, and how to motivate the team to achieve a good result.
Donal Gernon, Teagasc

The Irish Mushroom Industry: An Interview with Donal Gernon

The Irish mushroom industry has undergone significant transformations in the past decades, facing challenges ranging from labour shortages to environmental concerns. In a recent interview with Donal Gernon, a mushroom adviser from Teagasc, Ireland, we gained valuable insights into the current state of the industry and the innovative measures being taken to address emerging issues.

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