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I’m glad the courses were so helpful, – a mushroom grower from Bulgaria after courses by UMDIS


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Last week UMDIS Mushroom Information Agency had courses in Bulgaria. They lasted 5 days and included mushroom growing theory and practice. 11 mushroom growers participated in courses. The teacher was Iurie Boiciuc, UMDIS consultant.After the course, we asked mushroom growers from Bulgaria to anonymously fill out questionnaires with feedback. This is how they answered the question: How do you rate the course program on a 5-point scale?Such opinions we got (translation from Bulgarian)

  • Iurie knows his job perfectly!
  • A very helpful course. Iurie explained everything well.
  • Many thanks to the whole UMDIS team and especially to Iurie Boiciuc! See you again!
  • Excellent seminar, I am very satisfied, we will attend more of your courses.
  • Very good.
  • I am very satisfied with the courses.
  • I’m glad the courses were so helpful.
  • We have learned something new, it remains only to apply it on the farm, we hope for good results.
  • I am very satisfied with what I have learned during the course.

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