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Have a look at the prices and varieties of mushrooms in Australian supermarket


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Last week UMDIS Mushroom Information Agency visited AMGA2022 mushroom conference in Australia. So we has a chance to visit a supermarket in Australia, searching for mushrooms.

Analyzing of a usual mushroom shelf in the supermarket of Adelaida, Australia – one should admit the good variety of mushrooms and their enough good quality. Among varieties you see white and brown champignons, flats and portobellos, small oyster mushrooms, shiitake, eryngii mushooms, pio-pino.

There are two different products – sliced mushrooms and sliced mushroom cups. Sliced cups has a note “perfect for pizza” on their label. There are also some combinations – for example “Stir-fry medley” (eryngii and pio-pino) or “Risotto medley”.


Speaking according to the prices – 1 kg of white mushrooms by weight in Australia cost 7.35 American dollars. There was a discount for flat mushrooms in loose – so they costed 6.71$ per 1kg. Price for portobello was 9.90$ per 1kg.

Packed mushrooms are of course more expansive than those sold in loose. For example, the package 500gr of white mushrooms costs 4.15$ – so 8.30 per kg (in comparison with 7.35 per kg while buying in loose). The smallest packages of 200gr with the discount – in calculation to price per kg cost 9.59$. Sliced packed white mushrooms in recalculation to price per kilogram may cost 8.3 – 9.6$ depending on the package size (the more the size – the low is the price).

Brown mushrooms in Australia (not portobellos) cost 3.51$ per 200gr – what means 17.57$ per kg what is enough expensive. They are named Swiss Brown (typical name for Australia) and have the sign on the label – “perfect for the slow cooking”. Notable that sliced packed Swiss Brown mushrooms cost the same as not sliced.

In this supermarket were no large oyster mushrooms. But small oyster mushrooms with the note “mild and tender” cost there 3.83$ per 150gr – what means 25.56$ per kg. Shiitake cost more – 3.83$ per 100gr package – 38.34$ per 1kg. Eryngii in Australia – sold separately or in combination with pio-pino cost the same 3.83$ but per 150gr – so 25.56$ per 1g. So eryngii or eryngii plus pio-pino in Australia cost the same price as shiitake mushrooms.

Flat mushrooms – the same as portobellos have usual cost 4.47% for the unusual package 375gr – so 11.93$ per kg. Portobellos have the label “perfect to staff”. That is quite sudden that the price for portobellos is nearly 6$ lower than the price for a brown button mushroom – but actually that is the result of a nice work on mushroom promotion.

All mushrooms on the shelves in the supermarket had got one and the same logo on the label – however different variants of packaging are there. Just mushrooms that are sold without packages has another logo printed on the box. All mushrooms are marked with “Grown in Australia”.

And that is how mushrooms look like directly on the one of the largest mushrooms farms in Australia – SA Mushrooms.Have questions about mushroom growing? Contact UMDIS Mushroom Information Agency for help!

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