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Fungi Chem, an online store for mushroom producers – We serve about 1000 customers in Poland


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Most mushroom producers in Poland know green – Fungi-Chem website, the only specialized online store for mushroom producers in Poland ( ).

Fungi-Chem offers products from supplements to chemicals, from lamps to gloves. The advantage of the store is that there are products tested by hundreds of  customers, so the lamp bought here will never break when steaming, and the knives will be the most comfortable for the mushroom picker.Like most mushroom farms, this shop is a family business. Wiktoria Kaletka says that her father founded Fungi-Chem store 30 years ago – in fact as many years as Polish mushroom growing now has.

– From the very beginning, our company has been associated with mushrooms. I used to have a mushroom farm and the company is located in an area where a lot of mushrooms used to be produced, – says Wiesław Kaletka.


The shop can ship to all of Europe if there are no contraindications or legal prohibitions.

List of Fungi-Chem products:

  1. ChampFood – supplement to the substrate
  2. Biological agents to protect your cultivation
  3. Disinfectants
  4. Insect killer lamps
  5. Fungicides
  6. Insecticides
  7. Mushroom accessories
  8. Foggers
  9. CO2 carbon dioxide concentration meters
  10. Thermometers
  11. Moisture meters
  12. Protective masks
  13. Gloves
  14. Latex gloves
  15. Chemical protective suits
  16. Books Specialized Bulletins

Shop website

Do you have any inquiries?

+48 606 614 833Do you have any inquiries?

+48 606 614 833

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