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Month ago, Christiaens Group, the equipment supplier, has published the post in LinkedIn. It was cute and nice. “Our 16-metre long filling cassette arrived at the port of Durban and was then unloaded at our customer in South Africa, under the watchful eye of the next generation!”. The post was accompanied by beautiful live photo of two boys “estimating” Christiaens`s equipment while being unloaded. The post gathered more than 70 reactions. That became one of the most popular posts of the company.

UMDIS agency that helps with marketing number of mushroom industry suppliers’ analyzes this new trend.Marketing specialists, as me, would name it “warming up the image” (in Polish “ocieplać wizerunek”). When you show your brand with or near something pleasurable for most of your clients – like children, beautiful landscape, pets, animals etc. That causes nice emotions connected with your brand – what is always good for promotion.

During the last month using children`s image as “brand warmer” started to become the trend among suppliers of mushroom industry. That is a nice growing trend.


Some companies even do more. They sponsor children’s teams and organizations as the part of their CSR activities. For example, Karol Kania i Synowie, the compost supplier, support children playing sport in their local area, helping to renovate their stadium. In the LinkedIn post company shows children and provide report of actions done. “A few days ago, we had the opportunity to visit this place – we hung our banner “We Support Your Passions”, a friendly match was played – the youth gave their all!”, – has written Karol Kania.Sylvan INC, the spawn supplier, has joined the already popular in the industry tradition of “warming up the image” by their recent post. “On Saturday the 4th of June Sylvan presented the new Football Jerseys of the ladies under 7’s team. Sylvan is a brand-new sponsor for this team. We presented the new Jerseys to Colette Traynor, Manager of the Simonstown Ladies U7 Team in Ireland”. Here girls wearing company`s uniform – which may cause even much connection of the “warmer” with the brand.Two weeks ago, Bob Holtermans who is CEO of MushComb, the equipment supplier, and also the founder of Insect School (blue machines which are being supplied for BSF larva production) has shown his own children in LinkedIn post. He had written: “Last week we hosted the official opening week of the Insect School. A very special moment for me, as my children officially opened the Insect School together with their primary school friends, by cutting the ribbon”. Post gathered 113 reactions till now.Sometimes the company does not have occasion to take its own photo with children. However below are two examples of how nevertheless companies of our mushroom industry apply children`s image in some context to make the “warming up post”.

LAB-EL, automatics supplier, during the vacation season has published on Facebook a funny warning connected with sea and their product. “For a successful holiday, apart from having fun, safety is also important, especially near the water… …For this reason, it is so urgent to take care of your safety and control not only the air temperature, but also the water temperature. You can find various models of thermometers on our website”, – has written the company, providing the link to the corresponding webpage.

Monterey Mushrooms, the biggest supplier of mushrooms in America and the mother-company of Amycel, spawn supplier, in honor of Independence Day of USA on 4th of July has published the perfect post. A small boy holding the big flag of USA. “Wishing you all a very happy 4th of July! Are you more excited for food or fireworks?”, – asked the company.While making a post for company`s social media many marketing specialists are not feel comfortable with touching customers` emotions using something personal, sincere, “warming them up”. For sure, your clients – mushroom growers – are human beings, with emotions and hearts. Making them smile and feel nicer while looking through their news feed may give your company additional extra bonuses. Of course, if that was done smartly and with the taste.

So, as you are the mushroom industry supplier, you may always think what parts of your customer’s brains are you connecting to, providing your social media? How warm and personal is your brand and marketing?

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