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Courses “Growing champignon. Polish experience” are held on November 28-30 on the farm


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Mushroom Agency UMDIS invites to be trained on the course “Growing champignon. Polish experience”.

The 3-day course will cover all the basic steps of the mushroom production process, from loading the chambers to harvesting the mushroom. Also aspects of equipment needed and practical information on composting.

The dates are November 28-30, 2023.


Venue: Aniela mushroom farm, Wolsztyn, Poland.

Especially for mushroom growers who want to learn from the Polish experience!

Don’t let your colleagues get ahead of you and know more!

The courses are designed for mushroom growers who are already growing mushrooms, planning to expand production, or want to increase the yield and quality of their mushrooms. Also for those who want to build a farm and do everything right at once. The course will be particularly useful for those whose work requires an understanding of the technological processes in mushroom farms.

The lecture part will be combined with practical sessions in champignon growing chambers.

Course Presenters:

Tomek and Aniela Stanisławski, who have been teaching since 2008, have trained and advised the most successful mushroom farms in Poland.

Course program:

  1. Mushroom production equipment
    • Principles of mushroom production climate. Schematic diagram of the climatic installations.
    • Cooling options for mushroom chambers
    • Humidification systems
  2. Compost incubation Phases2
    • Preparing the growth chamber and loading compost
    • Climatic parameters of incubation
    • Mycelial growth control
    • Ruffling compost
    • Monitoring of compost parameters during incubation
  3. Casing soil
    • Assessment of casing soil quality, casing soil structure
    • Application of casing soil
    • CACing Composting and industrial CACing
    • Watering. Irrigation regime
    • Control of mycelial ingrowth into the casing soil
    • Climatic parameters before the beginning of the 1st fruiting flush
  4. Mushroom setting and fruiting flush
    • Recovery phase (stop phase)
    • “Shock,” pinning.
    • Climatic parameters during fruiting
    • Watering during fruiting
    • Mushroom picking. Collection organization and selective harvesting
    • Disease control during fruiting
  5. Diseases and pests of mushroom industries
    • Overview of diseases specific to mushroom production facilities
    • Pests and diseases at mushroom production
    • Spread of infections and pests
    • Disease and pest control schemes in mushroom production.

You will also be able to view composting, equipment manufacturers.

The cost of participation in the course is 550 euros. Prepayment – 200 euros, after which you receive from us an invitation for a visa (if you need one). Остальное оплачиваете на месте наличными.

The course fee includes: theoretical and practical training, a package of handouts, tea and coffee.

!Course fees do not include accommodation (about 30 euros per night) and lunches. We advise you to book your flight in advance – it will be cheaper.

To sign up for a course – let us know and pay in advance in the next 3 weeks to reserve your place. +48577253132, +380935690941 Inna Ustilovskaya, UMDIS.

Ask questions at +48577253132 (phone), +380935690941 (messengers) Inna Ustilovskaya, UMDIS.

NOVEMBER 28-30, 2023

Ask questions at +48577253132 (phone), +380935690941 (messengers) Inna Ustilovskaya, UMDIS.

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