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Consultations on mushroom growing by Iurie Boiciuc


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Этот текст также доступен на русском языке.Iurie Boiciuc

UMDIS` mushroom growing consultant. The best in making your generations, quality and yield become better than you could ever expect.

Iurie Boiciuc consults 18 farms in Spain, number of farms in Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, as well as in Kasachstan, Israel,  Moldova, and other countires.


His experience in mushroom growing: 20 years. Iurie consulted 50+ farms – Phase 2,3,4. 

Consultations on your farm and online.The goal of Iurie`s work is to help clients receive the highest yield of high-quality mushrooms and organize the farm well.

The consultant has deep knowledge in the technology of button mushroom production – as well as in management, organization and controlling of production processes.Professional skills:

  • control of climatic parameters, organization of work of personnel, control of technological operations;
  • experience in working with 250 employees of mushroom farm;
  • experience in growing mushrooms on different raw materials;
  • knowledge of specialized equipment and computers FANCOM, AEM, DMP, LAB-EL;
  • organizing and coordinating the work of production teams;
  • experience in negotiating with the management of enterprises;
  • experience in providing documents of mushroom farm;
  • the ability to navigate and take responsibility for making decisions in a critical situation.

To make the appointment please contact Inna Ustylovska: +380935690941,

Some opinions about Iurie Boiciuc consultations on mushroom growing.Larisa Balian, the director of the largest in Kazakhstan mushroom farm KazEcoFood

I was very glad to meat you during Ukrainian Mushroom Days! There is nothing accidently in life! So now nearly for a year you are our consultant on growing mushrooms! You teach our technologists online and offline. That is very much convenient in such situation. I believe you will consult us in the future. Your trainings, advises, instructions gives us large results on a mushroom farm: the yield increased, the mushroom appearance became much beautiful, more dense and heavy.Michal Turchin, co-owner of Borovik Mushrooms, one of the largest Ukrainian farms  

Hello! Iurie added his corrects on the Phase Stop, also has changed the cool down regime. As the result we received more visible generations of mushrooms and increased their quality.Gediminas Bartašius, Chief Technologist of Baltic Champignon, the largest farm in Lithuania

Hello! Thanks for the tips, the mycelium began to germinate better

The quality of the mushroom has become better, the yield is larger

Brown tips helped too

Thanks, see you soonVlad Borenko, owner of “Vasilevski Agroproduct” large Ukarinain farm

Than you, Iurie, you raised our farm to the other level of growing. And also confirmed that money spend on education are not thrown away money. I advise other growers not spend money on making experiments on growing – but to ask for the specialist`s help.Boris Suvak, Director of Minsasuv mushroom farm in Moldova

Thank you, Iurie, very much! Your advises and consultations helped us a lot. The yield is good, the mushroom is beautiful, thank you once  more for the information that you have provided us with!Adrian Focsa, the owner of Goa Teritoriu mushroom farm in Moldova

Dear Iurie, thank you for your help in this not easy job with mushrooms, we are good now! As always after your consulting visit – everything changes for the better n the farm)) Mushrooms grow perfectly. Separate thank you to you that you agreed to replace our technologist (your ex-student) during his vacations! Please find time and lets meet, I will be glad to see you! The reason why I went to holidays previous time when you consulted us – was that I knew you will come so I can lease you the farm for a while. Thank you! You are the best! Yours sincerely Adrian… Goa territory.

Do you know that I have broken everyone with quality, and supermarket chains don`t even look at the price increase – just on the quality of mushrooms???)))Flaviu Fit, Director of Iazul V&V, the large Romanian mushroom farmTo arrange an appointment please fill form below contact Inna Ustylovska: +380935690941,

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