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Course with Iurie Boiciuc Bulgaria. May 15-18.

The topic of the course is "Growing mushrooms in summer time". May 15-18. The languages of the course are Russian and Bulgarian.

Take a 3-day Course “Button Mushroom Growing” – on the farm in Poland

What I get if go to button mushrooms growing courses by UMDIS? ✅I will understand how functions effective mushroom farm of middle size ✅I will start harvest more white and dense mushrooms – better quality ✅I will learn to get more kg per m2 due to improving growing technology and harvesting

Mushroom business in Japan

Why Japan is in TOP-5 of mushroom producers and what we should learn from Japanese mushroom farmers? Webinar Thursday 28th of March 10AM CET time

UMDIS conducted a mushroom harvesting course for mushroom growers in Ireland

A course on how to organize a mushroom harvest with trainer Lina Turowski was held by the UMDIS Mushroom Agency at Kerrigan's mushrooms farm March 4-6, 2024. 16 course participants received practical and theoretical knowledge about the organization of the collection department at the mushroom farm. During the course, participants looked at how a picking department should be organized depending on the size of the farm, how to select and deploy mushroom pickers, and how to motivate the team to achieve a good result.

Iurie Boiciuc’s courses at the Borovyk farm on February 13-14. Get the Heavy Mushroom!

Iurie Boiciuc's courses at the Borovyk farm on February 13-14. Get the Heavy Mushroom!

Live broadcast: 5 steps from idea to implementation of mushroom farm with Roland van Doremaele

Find out how to turn your idea into a successful mushroom farm. We will talk about the main steps on this path with the head of the sales department of Christiaens Group, Roland van Doremaele.
The course is about MUSHROOM Production. SET UP a farm, COMPOSTING, MUSHROOM GROWING To give you 95% of basic knowledge you need to grow in mushroom business

FREE online Training on 20th of December: Switch to winter – in MUSHROOM growing

Тренинг с консультантом с 20 летним опытом Юрий Бойчук Перейди на ЗИМУ – в грибоводстве

Courses with Yuri Boychuk. Oct. 16-18 on the farm. Show your interest until the end of the week

Courses with Yuri Boychuk October 16-18. Small group - breakdown of each farm's situation

Courses “Growing champignon. Polish experience” are held on November 28-30 on the farm

Mushroom Agency UMDIS invites you to take a training course "Growing mushrooms. Polish experience". The 3-day course will cover all the basic steps of the mushroom production process, from loading the chambers to harvesting the mushroom. Also aspects of equipment needed and practical information on composting. The dates are November 28-30, 2023. Venue: Aniela Mushroom Farm, Wolsztyn, Poland.

Mushroom harvesting courses at Sopinscy mushroom farm 18-20 September 2023

Unique opportunity to increase knowlege about harvesting and boost yields with no cost. Training took place at Sopinscy mushroom farm - 108 growing rooms

„After any Course I never seen such a desire and need for changes in my people, and indeed in myself”, – Krystian Sopinski, owner of 108-rooms farm in Poland

On 18-20 of September UMDIS Mushroom Information Agency organised the International Harvesting Course with participants from Europe and Asia – on the largest farm in Europe – Sopinscy mushroom farm in Poland. The trainer – Lina Turovska who currently manages picking on 9 farms in Canada. Maksym Yenchenko and Inna Ustylovska from UMDIS managed the Course. - Thank you Inna you and your company great, – writes after the Course Brendan Byrne, owner of Green field Mushrooms in Ireland. The group consisted of 10 people – what gave opportunity everyone to talk in person to a trainer about his farm requirements and get advises. - I thank you from my heart for everything, you are very good people and Yes, will be very effective for my farm! - shares Christinel Olenici from McKenna Mushrooms. The partners of Harvesting Course by UMDIS were Atmo-Control, engineering of climatization for mushroom farms, and Grow-Time, manufacturer of picking trolleys. - Dear Maksym, thank you so much for your help, pls take care and we shall see again soon! – writes Boey Tze Zhou, mushroom producer from Malaysia after the course and UMDIS` trip to see other farms and compost yard in Poland. The Course included picking techniques, organisation of harvesting and motivation – as the main topics.


A unique opportunity to go to the COURSE to the LARGEST farms in Europe, which is provided by TOP-trainer of HARVESTING from Canada with 15 years` experience. Such an opportunity has not been for a long time and will not be repeated soon. Don't miss it!

Mushroom Conference in Uzbekistan. Path to Success. 01.08.2023

On August 1, 2023, the first conference "Mushroom Business in Uzbekistan" was organized by UMDIS Information Agency in Tashkent with participation of 20 leading mushroom producers of Uzbekistan and representatives of composting facilities.

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