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Edward Lewandowsky

Edward Lewandowsky published his book about pleurotus growing (in Spanish)

Edward Lewandowsky, the grower at one of the largest mushroom farms in Spain, has been working in the cultivated mushroom sector for more than 20 years, sharing his experience. This book is intended for growers, cultivation specialists and all lovers of the world of cultivated mushrooms.

On the Irish mushroom farm

Our grower is now consulting an Irish farm Kerrigans Mushrooms in Co Meath. UMDIS Mushroom Agency consults on mushroom growing and mushroom picking - and organises courses for mushroom farms in Poland, Spain, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romaina, Kazachstan, Australia - as well as other countries. Contact us to know the prices:

Three reasons why entrepreneurs want to grow oyster mushrooms

Why do you want to grow oyster mushrooms? There are a few common motives why entrepreneurs most often think about growing oyster mushrooms. In this article, I will look at these reasons and give recommendations on how to proceed.

Production of mushroom compost on a small scale

Is it possible to design compost production facilities for small volumes of the compost? If you struggle to buy compost and you don't need big volumes of compost tu build a compost yard in "usual" way, are there any options?

For all WORKAHOLICS in mushrooms – Savath Oun from Highline writes about Work-life harmony in the mushroom industry

In the fast-paced and demanding world of the mushrooms industry, finding equilibrium between professional responsibilities and personal life is not just a luxury—it's a necessity. Balancing the demands of work with family commitments and personal growth endeavours is essential for maintaining overall well-being and maximizing productivity. Here are some effective strategies to manage work-life balance effectively in the mushrooms industry, while also nurturing personal growth and fostering strong family connections:

4AG Robotics claim to have production-ready harvesting robot

"Now that there's robots operating on farms, I believe we are less than a decade away from there being more robots than humans picking mushrooms in North America, Europe, and Australia." - said Sean O'Connor. "Nothing separates company from scaling the business"

Oyster mushroom cultivation as an additional crop on champignon and exotic farms

If you grow exotics or button mushrooms and are thinking about growing oyster mushrooms additionally, this article is for you. I'll tell you what nuances you need to consider when adopting a new crop.

Download mushroom growing chart

Here you can download growing chart PDF file to use on your mushroom farm.

Fully organic and permitted tool to overcome Sciarid flies and mushroom diseases

With nemycel® you successfully and organically control the larvae of Sciarid flies. This technology for over 25 years is widely used by mushroom farms in Germany, as well Netherlands and other countries – that is why banning of prochloraz, and other chemical substances does not really bothers lots of mushroom farmers there.

Mushroom growing consultant – It’s not that simple! Adviсes

The film by Thrace Polyfilms is used by Livesey Bros (United Kingdom) and Bio Fungi (Hungary)

THRACE POLYFILMS S.A. – the producer of films for mushroom business – shared some photos of successful already 5 months long cooperation with Livesey Bros (United Kingdom) and Bio Fungi (Hungary).

Valorisation of the spent mushroom substrate (SMS)

Valorisation of the spent mushroom substrate (sms) is crucial for developing a sustainable mushroom industry in the frame of a circular-economy model

“Pump” and “pillow”. How to change the number of pins after the end of the cooling down?

Have you ever had a cooling down gone wrong? The flash is going too dense or rare. Or your client wanted small mushrooms and unexpectedly changed the order to large ones? Or the picking leader claims: “no pickers”? You can easily increase or decrease the number of pins after cooling down.

Courses with Yuri Boychuk. Oct. 16-18 on the farm. Show your interest until the end of the week

Courses with Yuri Boychuk October 16-18. Small group - breakdown of each farm's situation

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