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Agro-Projects released machine for cleaning and washing growing nets


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Recently Agro-Projects informed that the company released to the market new product – machine for cleaning and washing growing nets. As Agro-Projects`s machines have the names of ancient Greek and Roman gods and heroes – new machine got the name of Poseidon, in ancient Greek mythology, the supreme sea god.As marketing department of Agro-Projects tells UMDIS: “Poseidon joined our catalogue in July-August 2022. Now we produced the first such machine that recently left our plant and went to our Polish client”.

Below you can see characteristics of new machine.



The machine is designed for cleaning and washing growing nets after the end of the growing cycle. Washing takes place under a shower of water, by mechanically removing wastes thanks to 1600 mm long rotating brushes.
– Mostly made of stainless steel
– 4 swiveling wheels equipped with brakes
– Electric motor with chain transmission powering the rollers
– Control cabinet with two emergency switches
Technical data:
– Designed to work with cultivation mats: up to 1.6 m wide
– Water nozzles: 22 units
– Total engine power: 1.1 kW
– Curb weight: 200 kg
– Length: 1000 mm
– Width: 2000 mm
– Height: 1200 mm
Additional options:
– Foot-operated wired remote
– Possibility to connect a hose to ball valves that remove dirty water

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